A glass of DairyMix for breakfast

In late October, Dr. Federico Dragoni visited the webinar series GEH Breakfast Club for PostDocs and PhDs, presenting the DairyMix project. The webinar series on ‘Circularity in mixed crop and livestock farming systems, with emphasis on greenhouse gas mitigation’, is hosted by Green ERA-HUB on Agri-food and Biotechology.

Dr. Dragonis talk “Multi-criteria assessment, decision support and management tools for sustainable circular mixed farming systems for dairy production” gave the project objectives, and insights in the diverse data collected from the case study farms participating in the project.

From the GEH Breakfast club poster
From the GEH Breakfast club poster
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Presenting DairyMix at First National Agroforestry Forum

Serena Bonizzi participated at the “First National Agroforestry Forum”, sponsored by “AIAF-Italian Association of Agroforestry” with the theme of “cultivating and raising with trees.” The conference was held in Rome at the Headquarters of the National Research Council CREA Ricerca.

During the sessions she had the opportunity to present the work of the Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie e Ambientali (DiSAA) of Università degli Studi di Milano within Work Package 2 of the DairyMix Project.

Presentation title: “What role for agroforestry in intensive livestock farming in northern Italy? The Dairymix Project.”

Serena Bonizzi presenting DairyMix
Serena Bonizzi presenting DairyMix
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Annual DairyMix meeting 2023 in the autumn sunshine of Milan, Italy

DairyMix Annual Meeting in Milan: partners reviewed project progress, data collection, sustainability assessment and modeling. Field trip to cheese factory and farm for knowledge exchange.

The DairyMix team at the Baronchelli Farm, October 4). Photo credits: Grete Jørgensen (NIBIO)

From October 2nd to 4th, the DairyMix project gathered all partners in Milan for their Annual Meeting and General Assembly. The event was held at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Production, Territory, Agroenergy of the University of Milan (UNIMI). In addition to the participants attending the meeting in person, the meeting was also available for digital participation for partners and Advisory Board members who could not travel.

During the meeting, the partners went through the work done in the project work packages. In particular, data collection in the case study farms was completed by August 2023; currently, the data are being quality-controlled and validated by Teagasc, INRAE and UNIMI teams. The modelling framework has been defined by UNIMI and Ruralis, and Italian farms have been used as test cases by the modelling team of UNIMI. Sustainability indicators and the framework for the multicriteria assessment have been developed in a joint effort of Teagasc, INRAE, ATB and UZ coordinated by INRAE. In the next months, the modelling approach will be extended to other case studies, and sustainability and circularity indicators will be calculated.

The DairyMix team at the Caseificio Torre Pallavicina (October 4). Photo credits: Grete Jørgensen (NIBIO)

After two days going through the work done, having fruitful discussions and planning future data treatment and publications, the last day was dedicated to a field trip, visiting the “Torre Pallavicina” cheese factory (https://www.caseificiotorrepallavicina.it), where the DairyMix team could view the live production of Grana Padano cheese. The DairyMix team would like to thank the Grana Padano Protection Consortium (https://www.granapadano.it) for their support in organising the visit. Later, the DairyMix team visited one of the Italian case study farms, the Baronchelli Farm (https://www.aziendaagricolabaronchelli.com). Here, the farmers kindly gave us a guided tour and detailed insights of their dairy production. Close contact with farmers and the continued exchange of knowledge back and forth between researchers and the stakeholders is key for DairyMix research.

The DairyMix team at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences - Production, Territory, Agroenergy of the University of Milan (October 3). Photo credits: Pio Marmoglia (UNIMI)
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DairyMix at the XVII EAAE Congress in Rennes

In August Mary Brennan presented the DairyMix project at the XVII EEAE Congress in Rennes, France: “Agri-food systems in a changing world: Connecting Science and Society”.


Great to see all the interest in our work on developing circularity indicators for farms!

#circulareconomy #sustainability

Mary Brennan in Rennes
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