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Prof. UZ Barbara Amon
(Project coordinator)

Dr. Federico Dragoni

Dr. David Janke

MSc. Xabier Diaz de Otálora Aguirre


The Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) is a research institute working at the interface between biological and technical systems. The goal of the ATB is to contribute to food security, animal welfare, climate and environment protection, holistic use of biomass and to transfer knowledge into the economy and the general public, by means of interdisciplinary teams, covering a broad spectrum of methods from natural sciences, economic sciences and engineering. ATB has its main expertise in systems research for sustainable intensification, including expertise in livestock production systems, barn climate and emissions, animal health and welfare, environmental impacts, economic efficiency, and emission modelling.


ATB is the project coordinator, taking care of project management and internal communication among the partners. ATB is contributing to the project with German case study farms and the Lighthouse farm “Leibniz Innovation farm”, collaborating to refine and implement the OTICE (Online Tool for monitoring Indoor barn climate) in case study barns (WP2), and contributing to modelling C and nutrient flows from crops and livestock and to deep data analysis of GHG and N fluxes (WP3). It is also involved in the environmental sustainability assessments and the identification of synergies and trade-offs in mixed dairy farming systems in WP4, and in the refinement of the MilKey/DairyMix platform in WP5, as well as in dissemination to a wide range of national and international stakeholders (including policy advisory bodies, such as TFEIP, TFRN, UNECE, FAO and IPCC).