INRAE Unité Mixte de Recherche SAS

Agrocampus Ouest

65 rue de Saint Brieuc

CS 84215

35042 Rennes cedex



Dr. Aurélie Wilfart

Dr. Nouraya Akkal-Corfini

Dr. Mélynda Hassouna

Dr. Souhil Harchaoui

Dr. Emma Soulé


The Joint Research Unit Soil, Agro- and Hydro-systems, spatialization (UMR SAS) is established in Rennes with a secondary site in Quimper. UMR SAS studies the interactions between agriculture and the environment using an integrative and spatialized approach of rural areas. The main interests of UMR SAS are water, nitrogen carbon and phosphorus cycles in cultivated landscapes, as well as multi-criteria assessment of agrosystems. The research of UMR SAS contributes to elaborate sustainable agricultural systems, to improve rural landscape management, to preserve natural resources such as water, soil, atmosphere and landscape quality. UMR SAS includes experts in soil science, hydrology, agronomy, environmental assessment, animal science, bioclimatology and geomatics. It develops models and computer-based tools (MEANS platform, TERRIT’EAU, SYST’N, GEOSAS) and runs long term experimental facilities such as Agrhys catchments, EFELE site and MEGEVE platform. It is part of the OSUR research consortium and maintains regular collaborations with many institutions around the world.


The INRAE team contributes to the DairyMix project as follows:

  • WP2, “Case study farms” – INRAE project team identifies suitable farms to characterise mixed dairy farming in France and contributes to T2.2 (Assessment of grassland/crop diversification, circularity, protein/feed autonomy levels and manure nutrient utilisation in the European dairy production regions).
  • WP3, “Carbon and nutrient circular mixed farming systems for dairy production” INRAE contributes with its knowledge in nutrient modelling at field and farm scales, and by providing data from previous and current projects to the deep data analysis.
  • WP 4, “Multi-criteria assessment of mixed farming systems for dairy production” INRAE lead this WP and is responsible of T4.1 (environmental assessment), T4.4 (multicriteria assessment of mixed farming systems ) and T4.5 (identification and assessment of synergies and trade-offs in multicriteria sustainability of dairy production in mixed farming systems).